Vistage CEO Webinar Replay:

2016 Economic Paradox: Where We’re Headed & What to Do

ITR Economics Principal Alan Beaulieu and Chief Outsiders CEO Art Saxby present a snapshot of latest research and recommendations to maximize growth and profitability in any economic cycle.

In this webinar, they address the following questions:

  • Is the economy bringing new doubts about the potential for growth of your company?
  • How will this affect your ability to increase profitability?
  • How do you use economic indicators to determine what actions to take next?

If you're interested in taking additional steps towards using economic forecast data in order to make immediate decisions to drive growth or improve profitability, we’d like to make the following offers and suggestions:

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  • Schedule a free, 90 minute, Economic Insights & Opportunity Audit session with Chief Outsiders, including prioritized Action Steps for your business for next quarter by clicking here
  • Check out a free sample from CEO Art Saxby's new book, The Growth Gears, by visiting here 


Resources for Growth:

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