A CEO's Guide to Growth Toolkit 2

Download 6 tools for your next step to profitable growth

In our first blog in this series, we illuminated the pathway toward your “North Star” for business growth. Toolkit 1 includes 6 tools that can jumpstart your foundation for profitable growth. Now, it’s time to harness 6 tools for your next step. 

A CEO's Guide to Growth Toolkit 2 includes the:
  • Go-to-Market Pyramid: Optimize your organization’s value, positioning, growth, and customer experience through insights, strategy, and execution. 
  • Brand House Framework: Build your brand story to capture the essence of why clients will really value your product or service. 
  • Go-to-Market Playbook: Outline the core action plan for the people, processes, technologies, and content you’ll need for Go-to-Market success.
  • Growth Matrix - Ansoff Chart: Identify short/long-term growth priorities from existing products/markets to new products/markets. 
  • Growth Share Matrix: Use a portfolio management framework to prioritize different clients/prospects by their degree of revenue growth and/or profitability.
  • Customer Journey Map: Achieve a frictionless customer journey by mapping the customer life cycle by stages. 

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