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The Changing Role of Marketing

With the marketing department now being responsible for ROI; the sales team is optimizing lifetime value of customers vs. just closing a deal; the customer service team is dodging the reputational bullets and guarding the brand; and the PR group is shoveling content by the metric ton into the social media machine. The tectonic shifts have impacted one role more than the other three. Marketing is no longer just held accountable for the first part of the funnel, but in addition to brand awareness and leads, customer conversions, churn, loyalty and satisfaction have made Marketing accountable at all the stages of the lifecycle

In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges CEOs face managing “Modern Marketing” including:

• Holding marketing teams accountable 

• Dealing with the chaos of digital, inbound, organic, SEO and other acronyms

• Managing marketing “managers” and trusting them with your brand

Learn how Marketing is adjusting to New Types of Business models, with Subscription business models turning the funnel on its head and many companies are becoming more like software companies, selling Intellectual Property, Automation, Information & Insights.


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