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What Every CEO and Executive Needs to Know about Digital Marketing

Digital marketing works. It’s a powerful and scalable way to accelerate revenue growth and make every marketing dollar count.  Digital marketing accelerates growth by cost-effectively attracting and engaging more prospects and converting them into qualified opportunities and customers. 

Modern companies use digital marketing to create buzz, build brand awareness, reduce customer acquisition cost, attract website visitors, generate cost-effective leads, accelerate pipeline, and enable customers to achieve success and increase lifetime value.  It works equally well for B2B and B2C companies and is key both to finding new customers and growing existing ones.  Best of all, digital marketing is 100% measurable.  This means you know exactly which marketing campaigns and investments are working and producing the best ROI.

This webinar is intended to demystify digital marketing for executives.  It will cover:

  • What is digital marketing and why is it important to my business?
  • Best practices for using digital marketing to accelerate revenue growth
  • Why your website is the center of your marketing universe and how to ensure it achieves results
  • What’s the difference between digital marketing, content marketing and inbound marketing?
  • How to get more out of your digital marketing investment

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Presented by:


Jeff Loeb


Sean Klunder