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Rev your Growth Engine into High Gear

While we know that the functions of Sales and Marketing make up our growth engine, the question on the table is how do we get these functions to operate in a successful way for building our businesses at market pace or better? This webinar, hosted by Mary Doizé, Partner & CMO at Chief Outsiders, delves deeply into the tactics and strategies in both functions that can turn your growth engine into a high functioning machine. You will walk away with specific actions to turn up the dial on your business growth. 

You will learn: 
1. How to focus your attention for growth 
2. How to ensure that you are keeping up with the dynamics of the industry 
3. How to gain the mindset that leads to growth 
4. Why you need all of the growth gears in play for your growth engine 
Come join for a dynamic review of how to grow at a faster pace!

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Resources for Growth: 

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