Exclusive Vistage CEO Webinar Replay:

Strategy: Aligning for Market Effectiveness

Part 2 of 3 - Strategy: The Second Growth Gear 

In this 55 minute webinar, Art will share current research from a leading university, case studies and exercises to show how operationally-excellent companies can adopt a few key disciplines to improve their growth potential.

Topics include: 

  • What Are Your Reasons to Grow? Understanding the current position and state of your business, your vision that will drive new opportunities and how to develop the hard plan to get there.

  • Where Will Your Growth Come From? Do you need to improve and differentiate existing products and services? Do you need to enter new segments and grow geographically to increase growth significantly?

  • How to Activate Your “Strategy” Gear: A clear and compelling focus of objectives and plans to drive effectiveness 


Resources for Growth:

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