Do you have a great answer when a prospect asks:

“Why should I buy your innovative solution from you—especially when it means taking a risk that it won't work out?”
We help companies develop a crisp, persuasive answer to that question, and an overall value proposition that attracts customers willing to pay more when they see value. That means our clients can get paid what their solutions are really worth, increasing both margins (by 1 to 3 points) and sales (from $1 million to $50 million).
Learn how finding and communicating your Hidden Value can boost sales, without pricing below what your solutions are really worth.
Dear Business Leader,

Your company has a valuable innovation to offer customers / clients. You’ve invested heavily in it, but trials, adoptions and sales just aren’t ramping up fast enough.

And your sales team lacks a great answer when a prospect asks, “Why should I buy your solution—especially when it means taking a risk that it won’t work out?” Your team probably discusses your innovation’s features and benefits, your processes, quality, responsive service, dedicated people, and dependable integrity. Which is pretty much what your competitors would say, too.

You can solve the problem of too many customers hesitating to try your innovative solution and adopt it. You need a value proposition that connects with prospects’ and customers’ most pressing concerns. If you don’t have visible value, Chief Outsiders can help. Using our VisibleValue® marketing and sales messaging development services*, we make sure that you and your customers aren’t missing your biggest value.

Communicating your value story at all customer touch points is crucial, so we work with your personnel, sales effectiveness coaches, and outside marketing resources to get things done.

Click here to access a simple, 7-question form and take the first step toward growing both your sales and your margins.
What Our Customers Say

Chuck Passarelli

Board Member and former CEO, Veridiam

“We have top-notch technical and production capabilities, and have blue-chip customers. But we didn’t have a clear, compelling story that we could take out to new prospects and communicate to new markets. Bob Sherlock and his team helped us develop our value story and structure an effective marketing and sales effort that helped propel us to higher growth rates.”


Doug Zwiener

CEO, Mechanical Power

“Bob Sherlock and his team showed us an exciting way to differentiate our company in our customers’ and prospects’ eyes. They gave us a clear plan that we can implement. We had a great experience with Bob and his team and would highly recommend them.”


G.R. Kearney

President & Board Member, ACME Finishing Company

"Bob Sherlock delivered the best ROI of any consultant we’ve used. He worked with us to better understand our value to customers, and helped us develop a much better process for pricing. As he predicted, the [profit] results are a multiple of what it cost to work with him."


Dan Shea

Former General Manager, Nye Lubricants

“Bob did an excellent job of teaching, guiding and coaching our sales, marketing, technical and accounting teams from a traditional "cost plus" pricing model over to a "market based" and even "value based" pricing model. Working with Bob was an A+ experience!”

Imagine attracting customers willing to take a chance and adopt your innovation, and getting paid what your solutions are really worth.
Stop and envision what’s possible when you grow your business by attracting customers who grasp why they should become early adopters. Picture a future Friday evening as you leave work. You reflect on what happened that week:
  • Your company is on track to hit your annual sales and profit objectives
  • Because your customers realize that they need the competitive edge and economic value your innovation can bring, they treat your company as a contributor to their success—not as a vendor they can easily replace
  • Your sales team, equipped with a clear story and compelling value proposition, goes after the right prospects and lands a high percentage of them
  • The newest Employee of the Week just took over the sporty luxury car your company rotates among the winners. It’s the best-received perk you ever created, and just one more reason people like working at your company
  • There’s enough money coming in to reinvest in technology, people, and other assets
  • Your board discussions can focus more on the future than on current issues
So you start your weekend with confidence and peace of mind.

To increase adoption and margins at the same time—without trading off one for the other—isn’t easy. And few companies have all the pieces required.

Just a guess… some or all of the following statements could have been written by you:
  • “We’ve certainly gotten a lot of interest in our innovation, and have had trials and adoptions. But we can’t seem to get beyond those early pioneers and get enough customers to hit our sales plan.”
  • “Our prices are based on a markup from our costs, and our best guess as what’ll win the business against competitors. We definitely add value for our customers, but we have no method for baking that value into our prices.”
  • “We have a hunch that some of our prices are too low. The problem is we don’t know which prices, or how much more we could get.”
You can solve the problem of attracting more customers willing to take a chance and adopt your innovation, and getting paid what your solution is really worth. Click here to access a simple, 7-question form and take the first step toward growing both your sales and your margins.
Outcomes from the VisibleValue System

Here are the results you can expect:

  1. Clearly defined, compelling reasons to adopt your innovation
  2. Messaging that connects with what prospects care about most
  3. A more confident, energized, resilient sales team
  4. More prospects agree to meetings (even if not actively looking)
  5. Prospects who are looking find you and raise their hands
  6. Customers choose you even when you’re priced higher
  7. Feeling great as you get on a roll!
Why I Developed the VisibleValue Approach

My Chief Outsiders colleagues and I have often seen companies that have differentiation-in-fact (that is, they offer something special and valuable to customers). Yet they lack perceived differentiation in their prospects and customers’ eyes, and those prospects are slow to adopt an innovation. That’s because of Hidden Value. The full value of what your company does is hidden, not just from prospects, but often from you. When you and your team don’t understand don’t fully understand your own value, you can’t estimate it, can’t communicate it, and can’t price to get paid what their solutions are really worth.

Over time, I developed methods for drawing out what each company’s people already know, and organizing that knowledge so that it can be clearly communicated in the market. I’ve coupled that with methods for gathering customers’ and prospects’ insights, then pulling it all together into a strong value story.

VisibleValue® services are now part of Chief Outsiders’ solution for companies that need to speed up adoption of their innovation and grow their sales.

Click here to access a simple, 7-question form and take the first step toward growing both your sales and your margins.
How We Work With You
Our work to find and communicate your Hidden Value begins with our “through the prospective customer’s eyes” assessment of your messaging vs. competing solutions and substitutes (including the customer sticking with the status quo). It’s the foundation for the subsequent stages of transforming your approach to growing sales profitably.

1. Get clearer on your value story
Our VisibleValue story system draws out and organizes your team's knowledge
  • Who are your Great Fit customers and prospects
  • The big problem(s) you solve for them
  • The impact of those problems
  • How you create the most value for customers now — and can in the future
  • What your solutions are really worth
You’ll get a crisp, organized value story you can start using right away.

2. Hear the Voice of the Customer (and non-customer)
  • Learn how customers see your value
  • Uncover reasons why non-customers haven’t bought
We’ll incorporate what we learn as we refine your value story

3. Make your value fully visible
  • Differentiating your company
  • Crisply stating the benefits of working with you
  • Outlining your value story, with estimated financial impact
4. Prepare for launch
  • Identifying your key touch points with prospects and customers
  • Enriching your communication tools with your value story (we integrate with your agency or can introduce one if you need a resource)
  • Planning implementation using our AccountMagnet℠ marketing and sales approach
  • Winning in non-price competition
5. Enable sales performance
  • Integrating your newly “visible value” into your sales management process
  • Training and equipping your sales team (we integrate with your sales effectiveness coach or can introduce one)
  • Organizing the resources to plan, implement and track a marketing campaign
  • Implementation coaching
  • Tweaking based on results
Ready to learn if VisibleValue marketing and sales messaging is right for your company?
We’ve developed a simple, 7-question form that’ll help you determine if VisibleValue can help you grow your sales and margins.
Click here to access and answer the 7 questions — the first step toward growing both your sales and your margins.
Best regards,
Bob Sherlock
Partner & CMO

P.S. Don’t delay completing the 7 questions. It takes just a few minutes and will give you insight into where and how to grow both sales and margins. Head over here to access the questions.

*Chief Outsiders is the national authorized provider of VisibleValue® services, a registered trademark of Marketwerks, Inc.